Our motivation

For children

‣ 80 m start every year to learn English
‣ Make it kindergarten easy to learn
‣ Cross border learning for displaced

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For adults

‣ Make it easier to learn
‣ Make it easy to re-learn
‣ To enable more chances in life

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For writers

‣ One vocabulary
‣ Style guides
‣ Efficiency, time saving

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For society

‣ Reduce the 1-in-4 illiterate adults rate
‣ A safer, richer society
‣ A Common English for mankind

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Common Spell

The electronic dictionary

Bringing a common English dictionary to all devices, improving clarity, culture and efficiency in organisations.

Common Style

Standard presentation style guides

Helping kids in schools, professionals and organisations to express themselves easier, faster, efficiently.

Common Framework

A global English learning standard.

For qualification, for personal growth, to inspire.

Benefits for partners

For teachers

‣ Faster learning
‣ Better results
‣ More time for priorities

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For the State

‣ Shorter teaching
‣ Better OECD/PISA results
‣ Improved priorities

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For Teams

‣ One vocab. in communications
‣ Culture building
‣ Efficiency, cost savings

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For trade

‣ International standard
‣ Consistent documentation
‣ Efficiency, cost savings

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Colish belongs to us all

Join us in helping to bring Common English to the world

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Did you know

A breath

With every breath you take, somewhere in the world, a new class of 10 children is going to start to struggle to learn English.

Isn’t it time to change?


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