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By Marketing | 20 June, 2020


It is not unkommen for corporates to have an international workforce. Teams and the corporate communication landscape is shaped by individual spelling styles such as Austrialian, American, British, and Canadian English.

This leads to multiple ways of writing the same word, to more work when merging texts from various sources together, to errors in spell checking in mails or documents. It can also lead to subliminal confrontation within and outside the organisation, and in extreme situations to market loss.

The Vision

The CoWorld Vision is:

  • To have a Common English spelling across the world.
  • Helping to build a common communication culture.
  • Unbundling nationalism from corporate culture.

The Benefits

A Common English supports a common culture with:

  • One spelling for a word throughout the organisation, on all systems, communication paths, documentation forms.
  • Having a Common Dictionary on all devices.
  • Time and cost efficiency.