The Alliance

About the Alliance

By Marketing | 4 July, 2020


Note concerning legal status: As of May 2020 the Colish Initiative and the Alliance is in the early stage of being started.

General description

The idea of the Common English Global Alliance (COGA) is that it will be a non-profit organisation, composed of individuals and organisations from around the world, who are interested in establishing a common english spelling.

The COGA will be similar to a ‘forum’, giving members the chance to engage in a dialogue about Colish’s future.


The Alliance will be open to members such as:

  • Publishers
  • Educational institutes, universites, teaching networks
  • Teachers
  • Linguistical experts
  • Social scientists
  • Human Language Technology experts and organisations
  • App/software developers
  • National and international policy makers


The Alliance will have a board, steering groups and work groups,


If you are interested in taking part please click here for more information..