Frequently Asked Questions

By Support | 6 June, 2020

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions.

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Colish topics

Q: Who is this for?

A: In the next couple of years for website writers, or organisations who are writing documentation in English for the global market.

In the longterm it is for the

  • 5 million yearly new borns who are going to have to learn English as their monther tongue.
  • 20 million who start to learn English every year as a second language.
  • 3 billion people who want to learn English.

Colish will help them to learn it faster, be more effective in writing, accelerate what they learn in school, give them more chances in life.

Q: I am a native English speaker: Is this a spelling reform?

A: It is a harmonisation of various spellings into one global recommended system. You will find a few words different.

Q: I am a native English speaker: Do I have to learn this stuff?

A: No, unless your company decides to opt-in to use Colish, or you write Articles for an international audience.

Q: My website is for an international audience. Is this right for me?

A: Yes. If you use Colish you will have even further reach.

Q: My products are sent to many English speaking countries. Is this right for me?

A: Yes. Having your documentation in Colish will make it standard proof.

Q: What is Colish?

A: Colish is the global common English standard way of spelling words.

Q: Who does the English language belong to?

A: As there are now more people learning and speaking English than those who are born into it, such as in the GB or USA, it can be argued that the ownership lies within the international arena.

Q: If I speak Colish, do I have to speak like an American or Brit?

A: No, Colish has no effect on the way you speak, only on the written word.

Q: Nobody wants to learn new spellings, or not?

A: Millions have been creating new spellings to get around the restrictions of SMS txting and use in online chatting. Research shows that people can quickly adapt to new spelt words and live with them.


Payment topics

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay via the following methods:

On the pay page you can pay directly:

  1. By selecting a fixed one time donation or subscription and you will be taken to enter your card details.
  2. By selecting the PayPal button. You can select the currency and the value you want to pay.
  3. You can pay via UK bank transfer (within the UK), SWIFT (International) or using IBAN/BIC (Europe). Bank details are on the pay page.

Q: Do you store my creditcard values?

A: No - We do not store any values as we do not do the creditcard processing ourselves. All payment processing is done by our payment processors.

Q: Who are your payment processors?

A: We use Stripe and PayPal. Both are global transaction processing companies in over 100 countries.