Status Phase Ember 2

Monthly status

By Ian Williams | 1 August, 2020

1. Introduction

Last month was the third month of the project, of the Initiative, of the Venture. We finished ‘Phase Ember’, reaching out, getting feedback and concepts for the organisation started to form.

2. The Phase

Some of the important things of what happened or was done in the last month:

  • CRM - System for marketing and relationship management online.
  • Survey system online.
  • Issue tracking system online.
  • Crystalisation of the topic “Alliance and Round Table”.
  • Defining of product naming.

A lot of preparatory work was done which will bear fruit in the next phase.


The SWOT has not changed much from last month:


That the ‘real’ long term mission ‘the fight against illiteracy’ needs to be put on the mission map.


Stakeholders might want to see ‘assets’ before joining:

  • Linguistic community.
  • Big names in the Alliance.
  • Detailed product definitions i.e. Colish v1.
  • Commitment from big names, ambassadors, national policy makers.

Support could be better:

  • Manpower
  • Financial


Lots of opportunities for Stakeholders:

  • For investors.
  • For experts.


  • Too numerous to mention :-)

4. Outlook

The Initiative rolls into the third phase, Glow, of firing up the Alliance and Community. Glow will stretch over a two months period.

Major topics are:

  • Getting the initiative formal framework, i.e. the legal aspects and community processes up and running so that teams can get their work done.
  • Financing.
  • Defining the product development pipeline.
  • Defining an activity framework with potential benefits for partners.