3. Glow

Getting to glow in the dark

By Ian Williams | 16 August, 2020

1. Description

The third phase: Of ramping up the initiative so that it glows in the dark.

The general target for phase ‘Glow’ is to get the initiative formal framework, i.e. the legal aspects and community processes up and running so that teams can get their work done.

First published: 2020-05-15.
Update: See above.

2. Background

This is the third phase of the bootstrap process and requires members who will actively take part in formal activities such as legislative, design, engineering, product management.

3. Main targets

  • Funding.
  • Define a pipeline for the product rollout.
  • Define a mission framework to facilitate common activities with partners.
  • Build user / joined parties base.
  • Implement legal structures.
  • Basic ‘User functions’ in Colish version 1 (Co1) ‘Stable’

4. Timeframe

Plan: 1. Aug. - 30. Sept. 2020
Done: 1. Aug. -

5. Tasks

The following collection of tasks serve as a framework for activities and as a foundation for communications with partners. The implementation will be dependent on the reaction of the market, manpower capacity, new details about the evolving ecosystem.

The tasks are organised via Value Domains.

Ax - Assets

  • Setting up config management

Bx - Builds


  • Collecting info concerning building the dictionary
  • Collecting API data
  • Conception of dict infrastructure

Next Gen English

  • Catalog of spelling rules

Cx - Communities


  • Define roles, expectations
  • Info about user groups
  • Community policies


  • Forum structure
  • First entries

Dx - Designs


  • Collecting info for the dictionary design
  • Question catalog of functions
  • Definition of structures, processes, data

Next Gen English

  • Catalog of spelling rules

Colingua Hub

  • Concept: Colingua framework language hub


  • Concept: Project framework language dev
  • Concept: Project framework Scientific Credibility
  • Data from DE-Schreibreform ‘Acceptance Window’

Ex - Enterprise

Org structure

  • Setting up legal structures


  • Policy drafts
  • Policy data compliance and privacy online

3rd-Party contracts

  • Data compliance from providers



  • Concept of Colingua

Fx - Finances

  • Apply for funding from x partners -> see Joined Partners
  • Apply for funding from x sponsors -> see Joined Partners


  • Subscription plan

Gx - Grids


  • Collecting ideas of training grid
  • Collect data
  • Concept for VAPs and network

Hx - Humans (People & Culture)


  • Getting help onboard
  • Onboarding project teams

Ix - Incentives

  • Work out incentives for joined parties

Jx - Joined parties

Fundraising Foundations

  • Mailings to foundations


  • Extend data collection
  • Invite partners


  • Contact sponsors
  • Get sponsors onboard
  • Draft contract
  • Flesh out Advantages online
  • Mail template Advantages
  • Tel call script


  • Contact possible ambassadors
  • Get ambassadors onboard


  • Get linguistic, social, and other experts onboard

Friends / Patrons

  • Concept friend campaign
  • Start friend campaign

Tech Orgs

  • Contact possible tech orgs
  • Get tech orgs onboard


  • Contact possible publishers
  • Get publishers onboard

Training orgs

  • Contact possible training orgs
  • Get training orgs onboard

National orgs

  • Reaching out


  • Reach out to teachers

Kx - Knowledge

  • Put info online
  • Reach out to partners for help
  • Reach out for content use

Lx - Logistics

Not needed as yet? TBD

Mx - Markets


  • Sell idea to future partners -> see Joined Party

Marketing materials

  • Creation of videos


  • Build list
  • Evaluation

Marcom / PR

  • Concept for strategy
  • Basic time plan
  • Plan for segment teachers
  • Plan for segment writers, authors, editors
  • Plan for kids revolution with Co1 or Co2

Ox - Orchestration / OPs

Planning Phases

  • More detail in this phase Glow
  • More detail in next phase Twinkle


  • Define singular projects
  • Put info together online
  • Setup OPs (Operations) / project management
  • Setup issue trackers

Px - Products


  • Definition of conceptual rollout pipeline
  • Concept: Project framework language product life cycle
  • Tentative Release Plan for Colish

Generic Products

  • Detailing of products (projects)
  • Products outlines online


  • Colish - English as a product
  • Colish - Products (from projects, etc)

Qx - Quality

Will be defined when needed.


  • Concept: Project framework language testing market/user experience

Rx - Resources


  • ERP online
  • Task mgr for projects online
  • Team spaces


  • Forum online


  • Working on dict hub
  • Detail hub and generic processes

Sx - Services

Self-Service Enduser

  • User account
  • Subscription / monthly donating
  • Mailing List

Self-Service Teams

  • Info about services

Tx - Teaching / Training


  • Possible partners
  • Info for partners


  • Concept for surveys
  • Topics for working groups

Ux - User Experiences

  • Collecting ideas for Co1 (Colish Edge)
  • Testing variations of Co1 in the market around the world

Vx - Ventures


  • Status Ember
  • Monthly status

Venture structure

  • Concept - detailed
  • Decision where the organisation will legally be

Wx - Worlds

Marcom materials

  • Association
  • Materials for user groups