Common English

By Marketing | 21 May, 2020


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Common English, Colish, or simply Co, is the name for an English with an international spelling, where the focus is on harmonisation, standardisation, simplification, easy learning and empowerment.


With differences of spelling in the various forms of English, such as American and British English, the Colish vocabulary will contain a harmonised set of words, allowing convergence.


English is being spoken by more people than those born in natural english speaking countries. It is already the most spoken language on the planet. It is naturally evolving, changing, due to global influences. Standards bring efficiency, cost savings, and a better standard of life for all. Colish funnels these changes into an international standardised language.


Humans like things to be simple, and the simpler things are, the faster they can be learnt and be used. Colish embodies this concept by making English easier to write.

Easy learning

There are over 1 billion children, students, adults, who are learning English. Over a billion will want to learn it in the next decade. The English language contains a complicated set of spelling rules which makes learning difficult. Over time rules will be simplified, thus making it easier to learn, making it easier for the new borns of today and future generations to learn English.


Colish is not only about a dictionary: It is also about giving people a set of tools in the hand which will empower them to express themselves to others across the world, either privately or in a corporate setting.