The Initiative Service Areas

By Service | 15 June, 2020

1. Introduction

CoWorld is the collective name for the Initiative services.

The service stack is built on 5 service areas or ‘energy centers’:

  • CoLingua - The language itself
  • CoLearn - Learning and teaching
  • CoWay - Framework for students using language to empower themselves
  • CoTrust - Partner network
  • CoWorkx - Services for the Initiative and its partners.

2. CoLingua

The focus of CoLingua is on the development of Colish itself, its long term planning, as a product, the harmonization, simplification, standardisation.

CoLingua creates resources such as dictionaries and integrates with other dictionary providers.

3. CoLearn

CoLearn services are centered around helping students to learn the language, providing learning environments, tools, methodologies, as well as a global assessment and certification program.

4. CoWay

CoWay is focussed on developing the Colish Experience, a program of using language and social interaction as a developing and empowerment tool for individuals and teams.

5. CoTrust

CoTrust provides the framework for the integration of the Initiative and Alliance joined parties such as Ambassadors, Solution Partners, Affiliates, Teachers, Trainers, into the Value Adding Partner (VAP) global network.

6. CoWorkx

CoWorkx services for the Initiative include project management, payment, membership, community support, publishing, marketing, fundraising, IT services.