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By Marketing | 22 June, 2020


Around the world, millions of adults are learning English, either by picking it up in their job, watching TV, learning at night school or at home. They want to learn it as they realise it is important for communication, for comprehension, for their job, for their lives.

In the English mother tongue countries, 1 in 4 working adults are illiterate i.e. they have problems in reading texts, using cash machines, petrol pumps, their mobile, messaging, email. That is 72 million.

The Vision

The CoWorld Vision is

  • To harmonize and simplify spelling, making it easier in the long term to learn and use.
  • To establish a global learning framework.
  • To develop methods and tools for adults to learn Colish.

The Benefits

  • Adults can learn it faster and easier.
  • Helping adults with reading problems to re-learn.
  • Making it easier empowers them to learn it even deeper.
  • Giving them more chances in their jobs, in their lives.