A school class per breath

With each breath a class learning English

By Ian Williams | 15 June, 2020

One the questions that pops up when we talk of Colish and children is ‘How many children are going to start learning English across the globe?’.

The number is roughly 80 million who will start new per year.

How can you visualize that?

It’s like taking nearly all of Germany (83 m) or several countries together (such as the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark), and getting them to learn a new foreign language every year.

Another way of visualizing these numbers, is to think of a new class of 10 children who will start learning English with every breath you take.

Or three full school buses driving past every minute of the day.

English learning is difficult due to all the special rules. Children only have a limited amount of time at school to learn them and if they are not clever enough, are ill, do not have a positive learning environment at home, have dyslexia, then they will have problems.

If we can work together, and via Colish, help 50 % of them in the long run to read and write better, reduce their learning time by 20 %, and thus improve their learning achievement and literacy whilst at primary school - is that not a tremendous improvement on the status quo, for the kids personally, for the teachers, for the school system, for the tax payer, for society, for mankind?

The calculations can be looked up here.