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Solutions to learn easier

By Marketing | 20 June, 2020


Somewhere in the world a classroom of 10 children are going to start learning English with all its difficulties. That is nearly 80 million a year. English is more difficult to learn in comparison to other continental languages, taking up to two times longer.

Difficulties in learning has a compound effect - the longer it takes to learn and master, the less a child learns, the less they can read, the less they can comprehend other topics in school.

The Vision

The CoWorld Vision is

  • To harmonize and simplify spelling, making it easier in the long term to learn and use.
  • To establish a global learning framework

The Benefits

  • Children in English mother tongue countries can learn faster, thus making it easier for them to master other basics in primary school.
  • Children who learn English as a second language, will be able to learn the language faster.
  • Children who are being displaced or migrating can learn English to a global standard and easily pickup where they left off on their journeys.