For a better future

By Marketing | 22 June, 2020


English, as we know it today, is “as a language” inefficient when it comes to learning, to read and write in comparison to other languages. Children and adults across the globe struggle to learn it.

The side effects of this inefficiency are compound - starting form lower individual educational standards, 1 in 4 adults are illiterate, higher crime rates, and higher educational and social costs for society, to less wealth for the collective.

Today, over 2.2 billion children on this planet, nearly 2 billion living in developing countries, will grow up wanting a good life. Learning English will be a part of it.

The Vision

The CoWorld Vision is:

  • Etablish an alliance with partners from corporates, education, governmental policy makers.
  • Develop a longterm English roadmap of language improvements.
  • Empower the Alliance partners in innovating learning solutions.
  • Create a rich ecosystem to rollout a Common English around the world.

The Benefits

This roadmap, the learning solutions and ecosystem, will help the children of today and future generations to learn English faster, be more literate, thus empowering them, society and the world at large to a better common future.