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By Marketing | 20 June, 2020


Millions of manufacturing and service companies, exporters, importers, around the world use English in marketing, service, support, development, research, for broschures, websites, documentation… \

Customer orientated organisations write their texts in the customer tongue such as British English for UK, American English for the US and have a dilemma when it comes to the rest of the world.

And tomorrow? Governments change and the language flavour can be become a political topic.

The Vision

The CoWorld Vision is

  • To establish a Common English around the world.
  • Independent of political or national doctrine.
  • To harmonize spelling, establishing one Common Dictionary.
  • Thus creating in the long term one common English language market.

The Benefits


  • One language to write in.
  • One English language market to deliver to.
  • One common dictionary on all devices.


  • Standarisation in supplier delivered documentation.

Human Resources

  • Standardisation in employer English competence.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Quality improvements
  • Cost savings