Educational products

By Marketing | 20 May, 2020

Our portfolio for learning includes books and tools.

Language - Co1 - 'Colish v1' (Stable)

Releasing Co1, Common English, Colish version 1, with the codename ‘Stable’.

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Language - Co2 - 'Colish v2' (Edge)

Releasing Co2, Common English, Colish version 2, with the codename ‘Edge’.

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Book - 'Colish - Everything you ever wanted to know'

A compendium of where Colish comes from and background information.

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Book - 'Colish - Quickstart'

A book giving an introduction to Colish and the differences to American and British English.

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Books - 'Styleguides for efficient and effective commmunication'

Various styleguides to assist professionals in writing either in projects, on a website, in technical documentation, project groups in schools.

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Learn - 'Accelerator'

Tools to accelerate learning.

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