Ideas on our impact on the world

By Service | 24 June, 2020

1. Introduction

What impact will Colish ideally have on the world?

This question influences CoWorld’s policies on what it wants and will do.

Below are a couple of suggestions and comments to serve as a framework for discussions.

2. Short term target

2.1 The Co’Billion

Our short term target for the next two years is for Colish to be the standard dictionary on 1 billion mobiles.


  • Technically doable

3. Middle term target

3.1 The Co'100

In seven years to have a committment from a hundred countries to have Colish as the default written English.


  • How many policy makers and experts do we need to engage with?
  • Are we talking about 100 countries x 5k experts = 0.5 million?

4. Long term targets

4.1 The Co'5-10-15

The following was born out of a marketing idea - the 5-10-15:

Increase the writing efficiency of English by 5 %, the teaching efficiency by 10 %, the learning-to-read-and-write efficiency by 15 %.


  • How can you measure such values?
  • The above will depend on the environment, if there is access to AI, learning materials, the proficiency of the teachers.

5. Decade targets

5.1 The Co’One-to-One

A pledge to ensure that every dollar/pound/euro invested accelerates the English learning experience of one child.


  • If CoWorld costs 250 million over 10 years (with offices in countries, etc.), we need to reach 250 million children.
  • Assumption that the teaching is via the existing channels. Colish is about spelling.
  • Have to work hand-in-hand with policy makers in IN and CN.
  • Technically doable
  • With the world churning out 50+ million children a year who will be learning EN (i.e. CN, IN) and we get into the market in 5 years, then we have 5 years to help 50 mio / years = 250 mio.
  • Even if it costs 10x so much, that is still cheap.

5.2 The Co’Mars

That Colish be the first language on Mars.


  • Technically doable as Elon Musk / SpaceX wants to fly there within the next 10 years.
  • CoWorld will have to be fast with this as Elon is planning to send the first people to Mars in 2024.