Co5s Program

#Co5s: The five Co S’s

By Marketing | 14 August, 2020

1. Introduction

Co5s is our Program to estabish Common English in the world.

The Co 5 S’s are for:

  • Standards
  • Simple
  • Support
  • Sequence
  • Sync

2. S1 for Standards

The Colish CoWorld Initiative is about setting standards, about reducing costs, improving efficiency.

Some of our standardisations efforts are:

  • Establish an ISO 3166-2 language code standard, en-CE, so that Common English can be used on mobiles and computer systems around the world.
  • Establish a global learning standard so that children who are on the move, or displaced (in 2018 13 million), can carry on where they left off in a new country.
  • Establish a global ability grading system so that a person’s Common English ability can be used for job employment or visa application, in every company, in every country.
  • Establish Common English as the standard written English, resulting in improved efficiency and reach, for corporates, organisations, media.

3. S2 for Simple

To make the English grammar simple so that it is easier to use, to read, to learn for the 2 billion children:

  • To shorten the learning time with each update so that time can be set free for other subjects.
  • To reduce the number of grammar rules needed to be learnt with each update, making it easier to remember.
  • To improve the writing efficiency with each update so that it is faster to write.
  • To reduce the knowhow and qualifications needed to teach English with each update so that more teachers can be deployed in areas where there are a shortage of qualified teachers.
  • To reduce the learning barrier making it easier to learn as a second language, helping towards establishing English as a common language, facilitating communication across borders.

4. S3 for Support

To support illiterates in learning to read and write, working towards reducing the number of 72 million illiterate adults in the English mother tongue countries.

  • To integrate Colish in holistic leaning methods.
  • To provide access to Colish support.

5. S4 for Sequence

To release a sequence of Common English updates over the next hundred years towards the next generation English (ngE), improving the standardisation in business and trade, improving efficiency in education, in the economy, in communication, in culture, and in the end improving the quality of life of the individual.

6. S5 for Sync

To sychronise efforts around Colish:

  • Sync the development of top methods, tools, systems, making it easier to learn Common English globally.
  • Sync the rollout of Colish updates around the world.